Yanagisawa A-WO2 (AWO2) Alto Saxophone

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You will receive a mint unused factory-sealed 2024 Yanagisawa A-WO2 alto saxophone, the complete retail kit with a Yanagisawa warranty for Japan only. The price includes UPS Ground shipping to the contiguous 48 states.

The bronze A-WO2 professional alto builds on the reputation of the classic A-902 and continues to be precision crafted by hand in Japan to the standards that have established Yanagisawa as the highest quality specialty saxophone manufacturer in the world.

  • Key Eb
  • High F# key
  • Adjustable Vibration-damping Bar stabilizes right-hand F# key notes in lower register
  • Right Side Keys extra feet under key levers (Bb, C, high E) for better touch
  • Front F key adjustable and redesigned for better fingering
  • Neck Plate newly designed for tighter sound
  • Palm Key Plate re-enforced for greater mid-range resonance, depth, and projection
  • Springs blue-steeled needle
  • Pointed Pivot Screws for maximum precision in center arm and hinge rod alignment
  • Touches Genuine mother-of-pearl for naturally less slippery finger contact and control
  • Mouthpiece Ebonite
  • Thumb Rest and Hook designed for minimal contact with thumb for freer resonance
  • Waterproof Pads sealed for airtight leak-free seating and extended service life
  • Body bronze
  • Accessories redesigned sturdier case

Demo of A-WO1, brass twin of the bronze A-WO2