Yamaha YTS-62 Tenor Saxophone

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To prevent confusion and to respect and comply with Yamaha USA's intellectual property rights, it is hereby declared that BrassBarn is not a Yamaha USA authorized dealer and is not affiliated with Yamaha USA.
Therefore, this Yamaha YTS-62 does not meet the definition of new and is offered for sale as a used instrument and has no warranty.

It is in mint condition and has not been played.

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This is the second revision of the YTS-62, which makes it the third generation. The generations are YTS-62, YTS-62 01, and YTS-62 02. The YTS-62 02 from Japan is designated YTS-62 III in the USA. This is shown on the box label, however there is only one horn made and it is engraved simply YTS-62, with no indication of generation.

As the third generation YTS-62, it features a new 62 series neck, drawn tone holes, a new octave key, an improved low B - C# linkage for better response in the lower notes, a durable gold-lacquered brass finish, and exquisite new hand engraving on the bell.  The kit comes complete with a deluxe Yamaha case, Yamaha 4C tenor mouthpiece, neck strap, cork grease, and polishing cloth, as shown in the last photo.

The YTS-62 02 that you will receive will be sealed in its original unopened Yamaha factory packaging, so you will be the first person to play it after it was produced and then adjusted and regulated by a Yamaha staff musician before corking and final packing.