Yamaha YAS-62 04 Alto Saxophone Lacquer

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Therefore, this Yamaha YAS-62 does not meet the definition of new and is offered for sale as a used instrument and has no warranty.
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The YAS-62 04 now features a neck shaped like that of the YAS-82Z Custom Z, which provides a faster response and tighter control, and elaborate, detailed hand engraving. The YAS-62 04 also has drawn tone holes, a new octave key, front F, range to hi F#, a more responsive low B-C# connection, moisture-repellent silicon impregnated leather pads, blue steel springs, annealed body for greater tonal purity, adjustable thumb rest, and contoured keys that provide a more comfortable and natural touch.

This complete retail kit includes Yamaha's AS4C alto saxophone mouthpiece, Yamaha case TSC-600E with hidden backpack straps, neck strap, cork grease, and polishing cloth.