Yamaha YTR-5335GS II Silver-Plated Trumpet

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This is a mint, unused Yamaha YTR-5335GS II Bb trumpet, the complete retail kit with a Yamaha warranty for Japan only. Ships free by UPS Ground to the contiguous 48 states.

The YTR-5335GSII is the 2nd generation of the renown 5335 series trumpet that Yamaha of Japan manufactures in Japan along with the rest of its professional line of trumpets (Yamaha makes its entry level and intermediate trumpets in China).

The GSII sound improves upon the original GS by featuring professionally hand lapped valves and slides, both a gold-brass lead pipe and a gold brass seamlessly Pluzuma-welded bell producing a more open and darker sound. The valve block on top is enclosed the same way as on the YTR-6335, making it easier to hold, with its weight well distributed and chassis overall lighter than the YTR-4335GSII series positioned below it.

This complete retail kit includes a Yamaha TR11B4 mouthpiece (same as Bach 7D), Yamaha TRC-400EII case with backpack shoulder straps, valve oil, and polishing cloth.

The 5335GS II and 4335GS II Side by Side