Yanagisawa B-WO10 (BWO10) Baritone Saxophone

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Shown is a display. You will receive a mint unused factory-sealed Yanagisawa B-WO10 Elite Professional baritone saxophone complete retail kit with a Yanagisawa warranty for Japan.

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So, what differentiates the Yanagisawa B-WO1 and B-WO10?

Primarily, the weight of construction. The B-WO1 has a lighter single post to body framework, whereas the B-WO10 features a more robust ribbed body. On the B-WO1 the posts that suspend the keys away from the body are individually soldered directly to the body tube. On the rib-bodied B-WO10, clusters of posts are first silver-soldered onto brass plates, or ribs, and these assemblies are then soldered to the solid brass body tube.

The heavier construction of the B-WO10 amplifies deeper resonant harmonics, which are acoustically perceived as producing a thicker core to the tone. Although this design increases playing resistance, the B-WO10's denser core tone is preferred in concert and symphony use. The jazz player not seeking low register emphasis might prefer the edge and bark of the un-ribbed B-WO1.


Yanagisawa B-WO10 Features

Yanagisawa B-WO10 Professional Baritone Saxophone