Yamaha YTS-82Z 03 Custom Z Tenor Saxophone

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Images are of a display. You will receive a mint unused factory-sealed Yamaha YTS-82Z 03 Custom Z tenor saxophone, the complete retail kit with a Yamaha warranty for Japan. Ships free by UPS Ground to the contiguous 48 states.

Replacing the mark 02 in 2019, Yamaha's YTS-82Z 03 Custom Z is the upscale version of its professional tenor sibling, the YTS-62. The Custom Z's major upgrades include denser high copper content French brass, added ribbing, and V1 neck, which together produce a darker sound with a touch more resistance, key to extracting greater nuance out of a musical performance. Like all of Yamaha's flagship Custom series saxophones, the YTS-82Z 03 also includes enhanced hand-crafted engraving and subtly cupped genuine mother-of-pearl key touches for added beauty and comfort.

The complete retail kit includes everything: Yamaha's Custom Z V1 tenor neck, ebonite mouthpiece, ligature, deluxe tenor case, neck strap, polishing cloth, and cork grease.