Yamaha YTR-4335GS II Trumpet Silver-Plated

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The 0.459" bore YTR-4335GS II is the successor to the first generation 4335 series trumpet that Yamaha of Japan manufactures in China as of March 2012. Now featuring upgraded hand lapped valves and slides like on its professional series and a new seamless laser welded 4 7/8" gold brass bell, the YTR-4335G II produces an exciting, crisper, more open sizzle.

Although considered an intermediate trumpet, differentiating the YTR-4335GS II from professional models in blindfolded testing would be challenging. Little wonder that the 4335GS II and its brass twin 4335G II are the world's best-selling step up intermediate trumpets.

This complete retail kit includes a Yamaha TR11B4 mouthpiece (same as Bach 7D), Yamaha TRC-400EII case with backpack shoulder straps, valve oil, and polishing cloth.