Yamaha YTR-3335S Bb Trumpet Silver-Plated

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You will receive a mint unused Yamaha YTR-3335S, the complete retail kit with a Yamaha warranty for Japan only. Ships free to the contiguous 48 states.

The YTR-3335S is more than a step up from the YTR-2330S. It features both a reverse main tuning slide and a vertical stiffening strut, the same as the nearly identical YTR-4335GS II series. What differentiates the 4335 from the 3335 series is under their silver plating the 3335 is all-brass, including the bell, which is gold-brass on the 4335.

Essentially, the 3335S is a no-frills version of the 4335GS II, making it an excellent value for the player ready to advance past a beginner's horn, without having to stretch the budget to a 4335GS II to enjoy its superior level of intonation and responsiveness.

This complete retail kit includes a Yamaha TR11B4 mouthpiece (same as Bach 7D), and unlike the small, tubular case for the YTR-2330S, the YTR-3335S comes with the same full-sized Yamaha TRC-400EII case with backpack shoulder straps as the YTR-4335GS II, along with valve oil, and polishing cloth. 

Demo of silver-plated YTR-4335GS II, the gold-brass bell version of the YTR-3335S