Yamaha YBS-82 Custom Baritone Saxophone

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Leveraging a generation of experience with its classic professional YBS-62, extensive feedback from musicians regarding comfort and playability, and the power of computer-aided acoustic design, in 2020 Yamaha introduced the YBS-82 baritone, to finally complete its flagship Custom lineup, joining the YSS-82, YAS-82, and YTS-82.

Crafted out of Yamaha's copper-enriched Custom brass alloy, the YBS-82 features revised, more tactile ergonomics and responsive action and a new slightly shorter one-piece bell that delivers a wallop on demand. Together, with its new hydroformed neck, the YBS-82 elevates the benchmark for smooth, even response and pitch control up and down the registers, with effortlessly predictable intonation. Offering unparalleled precision and tonal richness, instead of adapting to a saxophone, the YBS-82 frees a musician to devote all attention to artistic exploration and expression.

  • Level: Elite Professional
  • Key of Eb
  • Custom brass alloy
  • Shortened one-piece bell
  • New C1 neck designed for YBS-82
  • New more slender, ergonomically contoured bottom A key
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Front F, low A, high F#
  • Mother of pearl key buttons
  • Leather and wool felt pads with plastic tone boosters
  • Straight-tapered pivot screw with head and adjustable nylon lock
  • Blue steel needle springs
  • Ribbed and flanged mountings
  • Elaborate hand-engraving
  • Detachable floor peg
  • Custom Yamaha mouthpiece, strap, and cleaning cloths
  • Yamaha premium solid wood case with wheels

The Yamaha YBS-82 in Action