Selmer Paris Supreme Alto Saxophone

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You will receive a mint unused Selmer Supreme alto saxophone, the complete retail kit with a warranty for Europe only.
Ships free by UPS Ground to the contiguous 48 states.

Accepting the role of standard bearer, Henri Selmer Paris has invested in ten years of technical research and collaboration with leading artists to produce an all-new saxophone in its own right, that is not merely the continuation of any of its previous models. Built to the degree of precision and conformance to acoustic physics that technology makes possible, Selmer's focus was to produce a saxophone that finally leaves behind thoughts of tuning, pitch, and approach and frees a musician to indulge in the music, to innovate, to explore, and to create. Each key, each component, is designed for intuitive reach, action, and instantaneous response. The experience is one of the saxophone floating at one's command, effortlessly transferring the player's impulses into musical expressions of art.

  • Selmer Supreme Eb alto DGG (Dark Gold Lacquer) full retail kit
  • Supreme engraving reflecting convergence of art and technology
  • Optimized ergonomics
  • New bell and S-bow bore
  • Stabilizing mechanism for better intonation of high C# and middle C
  • Reduced diameter of Bb-cup key
  • Right hand F#/F key driven with direct coupling
  • Teflon bearings for octave mechanism
  • Selmer "Concept" hard rubber alto mouthpiece
  • Gold-plated Selmer alto ligature
  • Gold-plated Selmer mouthpiece cap
  • Deluxe fitted Selmer Supreme backpack case by BAM
  • Selmer saxophone strap and accessories bag
  • Made in France

Selmer Paris Supreme alto saxophone showcase