Julius Keilwerth SX90R Shadow Black Tenor Saxophone

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This is a mint unused Julius Keilwerth SX90R Shadow Black tenor saxophone complete retail kit with a warranty for Europe only. Ships free to the contiguous 48 states by UPS Ground.

Keilwerth built the SX90R to be a sonic powerhouse. With its unique enlarged bow and bell sections it creates that big, dark vintage sound reminiscent of the great Conn and Buescher saxophones of the 1940's. This variation of the SX90R family features a black lacquered nickel-silver body finished with a smooth surface that will not deteriorate and the silver-plated keys have natural mother of pearl touches.

The "R" designation in SX90R reflects that the tone holes are rolled and flared to contribute to greater projection, while giving a softer feel and extending pad life. Recognizing that hand size and finger length vary among players, the SX90R features adjustable palm keys for the ultimate in ergonomics allowing the player to set the ideal reach. To round out its smooth operations, the SX90R includes a G# key lifter that alleviates stickiness, the most common saxophone problem, and arguably making it the most thoughtfully designed tenor built for getting down to the business of producing professional music.

  • Range Low Bb to high F#
  • Materials German nickel-silver body, black lacquered, silver-plated keys
  • Tone Holes Drawn and flared with hand-soldered rings
  • Pads Pisoni leather
  • Key Touches Genuine mother of pearl
  • Palm Keys Plate Adjustable
  • Thumb Rest Adjustable
  • Mouthpiece Ebonite
  • Body Engraving Precision laser-engraved
  • Case Julius Keilwerth fitted ABS with carbon fiber finish
  • Accessories Julius Keilwerth neck strap, case strap, polishing cloth, cork grease

Ernie Watts going all out on an SX90R Tenor