Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet with Silver-Plated Keys

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This is a mint, unused Buffet Crampon R13 professional clarinet with silver-plated keys, the complete retail kit. Please note, Buffet Crampon does not include a mouthpiece with its professional clarinets.

Ships free by UPS Ground to the contiguous 48 states.

  • Key B-flat
  • Pitch 442 Hz
  • Bore Poly-cylindrical, 0.574"
  • Barrel 66mm, cylindrical
  • Fingering Boehm
  • Key System Boehm (French), 17 Keys, 6 rings
  • Keys Forged, Silver-plated
  • Material Natural African grenadilla blackwood
  • Tone Holes undercut
  • Pads Double Fish Skin
  • Springs Blue Steel (French)
  • Accessories Buffet Crampon luxury lockable attache hard case, polishing cloth, and cork grease
  • Made In France
  • Warranty 1 year Buffet Crampon warranty for Europe only