Yanagisawa S-WO10 (SWO10) Elite Professional Soprano Saxophone

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Shown is a display. You will receive a mint unused factory-sealed 2024 Yanagisawa S-WO10 soprano saxophone, the complete retail kit with a Yanagisawa warranty for Japan.  Ships free to the contiguous 48 states.

Replacing its renown predecessor S-991, Yanagisawa's new S-WO10 Elite Professional series soprano saxophone is fully ribbed and continues to be crafted by hand in Japan.  Upgrades include subtle changes to keys for improved ergonomics and, more significantly, the WO series features an all new bore geometry and tone holes reworked to produce an overall darker tone throughout the range.  As Yanagisawa's flagship soprano, the S-WO10 extends the range of the S-WO1 from high F# to high G and includes both a straight and curved neck to meet the varied musical requirements of professional performers.

Feature Summary:

  • Key Bb
  • Range Low Bb to High G
  • Teflon Octave System Both ends of the octave key axis rotate in Teflon-coated receptacles to ensure smooth operation
  • Body Fully-ribbed, for a rich, dark tone
  • Finish Lacquered brass
  • Neck Includes both straight and curved
  • Mouthpiece Ebonite
  • Accessories Neck strap, cork grease, polishing cloth, locking deluxe case

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