Yanagisawa S-WO1 (SWO1) Brass Soprano Saxophone

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Shown is a display. You will receive a mint unused factory-sealed 2024 Yanagisawa S-WO1 lacquered brass soprano saxophone, the complete retail kit with a Yanagisawa warranty for Japan.  The price includes UPS Ground shipping to the contiguous 48 states.

Upgrades over the previous generation S-901/991 include subtle changes to keys for improved ergonomics and, more significantly, the WO series features an all-new bore geometry and tone holes reworked to overall produce a darker tone throughout the range.

Unlike its altos, tenors, and baritones, which come in unribbed and elite ribbed versions, Yanagisawa's soprano saxophones are all fully ribbed to add body and darkness to an instrument whose range is otherwise naturally bright.  The main differences between the brass S-WO1 and S-WO10 are the WO1 has a one-piece body that plays up to high F#, while the WO10 has two detachable necks, a straight one and a curved one, and plays up to high G.

  • Condition unused, mint condition
  • Warranty for Japan only
  • Key Bb
  • Range Low Bb to High F#
  • Teflon Octave System Both ends of the octave key axis rotate in Teflon-coated receptacles to ensure smooth operation
  • Mouthpiece Ebonite
  • Body one-piece, straight, and fully-ribbed
  • Finish lacquer over brass
  • Accessories Yanagisawa mouthpiece, neck strap, and Deluxe case

New Yanagisawa S-WO1/WO2/WO10/WO20 Sopranos