Yanagisawa SC-WO20 (SCWO20) Curved Elite Professional Soprano Bronze Saxophone

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Shown is a display.  You will receive a mint unused factory-sealed 2024 Yanagisawa SC-WO20 soprano saxophone with solid bronze body, the complete retail kit with a Yanagisawa warranty for Japan only. Ships free by UPS Ground to the contiguous 48 states.

Replacing its predecessor SC-992, Yanagisawa's new SC-WO20 Elite Professional soprano saxophone is the curved version of the fully ribbed bronze S-WO20.  As with all of Yanagisawa's new WO series lines, it gains from carefully re-engineered geometry and material distribution to attain the utmost in balance and stability across its whole range, while applying feedback from players to improve the positioning and ease of key operation.  The right-hand pinky layout for low Eb and low C and the left-hand palm keys have been positioned to sit more comfortably in the hands, while the addition of a thick bronze plate underneath the palm keys adds body to the upper registers.  With the curved bow slightly increasing resistance compared to its straight counterpart, the bronze SC-WO20 soprano offers the professional performer unparalleled sweetness and nuance, and arguably with a touch more warmth than its brass twin, the SC-WO10.

Feature Summary:

  • Key Bb
  • Range Low Bb to High F#
  • Body Lacquer over solid bronze
  • Keys Fully ribbed, adding mass for more warmth
  • Key Touches Genuine mother of pearl, tactile and less slippery than plastic
  • Neck Detachable, with Elite underslung octave key
  • Table Key Linkage Additional proprietary Yanagisawa roller between C#-B for extra smoothness
  • Teflon Octave System Both ends of the octave key axis rotate in Teflon-coated receptacles to ensure smooth operation
  • Bell-Bow Brace Tri-point mounted for maximum rigidity to enhance resonance even at fortissimo levels
  • Mouthpiece Ebonite
  • Thumb Hook and Rest Metal
  • Accessories Yanagisawa deluxe locking case, neck strap, cork grease, polishing cloth

SC-WO10 (brass twin of SC-WO20)