Yamaha AV7 SG Braviol Violin

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This is a mint, unused Yamaha V7 (AV7 SG) Braviol Stradivari design 4/4 violin with a full Yamaha warranty for Japan. Yamaha manufactures the V7 in China.

Ships free to the contiguous 48 states.

  • Braviol model: 100% fully hand-carved
  • Spruce top, maple neck, back, and sides age-seasoned 5+ years
  • Ebony fingerboards
  • Design Type: Stradivarius
  • Bridge: Aubert Type with parchment
  • Oil varnish hand applied reddish-golden shading
  • Ebony tailpiece
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Rosewood tuning pegs and tailpieces
  • Cloth-covered case with shoulder strap
  • Schwartz rosin
  • Ebony chin rest
  • Brazilian wood bow
  • Dominant strings
  • Professionally set up by luthiers of Guarneri House